Dolly Day Friday ( on Saturday, again)

4 Jun 2011

Angela's new doll

Filckr keeps statistics on the photos you post there,
 the number of views,
 the number of times something has been favourited, 
the number of comments and 
 a strange statistic called Interestingness

My top three photos as judged by their Interestingness are these three pictures.
Number 1 , above,  a doll I made for an aspiring dollmaker


Number 2,  my beautiful Bridget


and Number 3,  my sweet Hannah.


5 Responses to “Dolly Day Friday ( on Saturday, again)”

  1. Beautiful! This is the look of the doll I picture in my mind when I think of Little Jenny Wren.

  2. That squiggly, curly hair is my all time favourite when you put it on your dollies!

  3. That brown tunic is adorable. Could I make one for Shira's doll? What size is #1 please Jenny?

  4. Rose, the first doll is a 12" doll the same as Shira's doll. The yarn I used is a Angel Touch baby alpaca yarn from Ecoyarns. It is super soft and delicious.

  5. It wouldn't surprise me if you had hundreds of views on all of your dolls....they are all beautiful and someone interested in buying one would surely be hard pressed to choose which one to pick. Personally, I think they are all sweet. I have the supplies to make one or two, and a bit nervous to even start. I guess I should just bite the bullet and get started. If my doll turns out half as pretty as any of yours, then I will be satisfied :)


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