Birthday Finale

25 Jun 2011

one of my 2nd birthday cards, 1961

Birthday week finished with the grand finale of a Champagne afternoon tea. my invention and I wasn't sure what it would be but in the end it was a delight.

Family , all who were available came, and we talked a lot and gossiped a little and laughed and enjoyed each others company.

Champagne and cups of tea and coffee and fizzy cordial and beer, a table groaning with food,  favourites of the three guests of honour.
 Absolutely nothing home baked, unheard of until this day but there you go, we enjoyed it all.
Birthday cake, sponge cake, halva, macadamia nuts, chikos, jelly beans, turkish delight, florentine biscuits, petit ecolier biscuits, ginger thins, brie and fresh corella pears...
There was plenty to enjoy and lots of variety.

Presents, football scores, party poppers to announce the birthday cake, it even felt like Dad was around checking up on things.

Birthday week done and dusted for another year.

The Happy Family, Little golden book, illustrator Corinne Malvern

7 Responses to “Birthday Finale”

  1. Sounds like you had a great time.
    Ours are always done by the end of April. It's nice when it's all done. :0)

  2. sounds like great fun! champagne as an extra is a very inspired idea!

  3. Sounds simply delightful for everyone :)

  4. Sounds wonderful, I miss my family birthdays. I love to hear about other events enjoyed and very truly celebrated. Many Happy returns to the lucky Birthday folks.


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