6 May 2011


I have been trusted with the laptop today.
I must be getting better with it or I have worn down his resistance, ha ha.

I lit the kitchen fire for the first time this morning.
 We have been avoiding eating in there in the evenings because it has been icy. 
Now the fire is happily burning and the chill in the back half of the house is turning to a coolness that might be a happy warmth by the time everyone comes home this evening.

The back of our house gets no sunshine, plenty of light but no direct warming sun.
 This is great in the summer but from late autumn until late spring it's just not comfortable.
 The kitchen was built 80 years ago and housed a wood burning stove to cook the food,  heat the water and warm the house. 
The people who owned the house before us, who bought the house from the original owner, removed the stove and put in an electric stove which was probably sensible I guess.
 Thankfully they also put in a woodburning slow combustion heater so we still can have the warmth of wood heating the kitchen and making it cosy.

And because I am allowed to use the laptop, even though I am sometimes 'pathetic' with it ( I just get a little anxious that I am going to destroy it) I can sit in the kitchen , in front of the fire, with my cup of coffee and write to you.


( the photos in this post are from my Flickr stream, I'm not allowed to fill up the laptop with all my strange house and blog photos)

5 Responses to “Warm”

  1. I'm not allowed to fill up the laptop with all my strange house and blog photos hahahaha I love it. Strange indeed....I for one love your homely photos. I especially love all the bright cheerful colours you have painted your home with.

    I suspect you have probably just worn him down.

    cheers Kate

  2. how great the Laptop King must be! Tell him your photos warm my heart :) I would love to have to depend on a wood stove for heat - the business of tending, the cozy glow, the hearth of the home. . .

  3. Well Margo he is very tricky with the computer and has helped me out of a lot of scrapes with the old computer, he is a whizz, I just confound him sometimes with my lack of computer logic

  4. My nan used to have a wood burning stove- they create such intense heat but I guess they're also more harmful to the environment. You have a gorgeous array of jumpers- I love the peach and burnt orange shades on display here :)

  5. Well many thanks, loving your warm cosy toasty toes, ha, ha, cheers Marie


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