23 May 2011

McCall's 7955 Helen Lee pattern from 1965

This week I am working on the clothes for six little dolls who will going into the shop on 28th May

My inspirations are the delightful mid sixties children's clothes, the clothes I wore as a child

I have been looking through my own patterns and those available through Etsy and shared on Flickr.

Just lovely

( The first pattern is mine, the other two are available on Etsy , just click on the picture and it will take you to the Etsy listing)

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  1. I wore the same! My mother was such an industrious costumer! Now, I really appreciate all her sewing. She had three girls to sew for AND two little boys who looked so cute in short sleeved shirts and rolled up jeans. I wish I still had the patterns and the pattern books she always purchased.

  2. I enjoy getting doll clothes inspiration from the same places; these outfits are as timeless as they are darling :-)



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