My studio,my home part 1

25 May 2011

This is Nonna's chair. 
Not my Nonna but the nonna of  the family who lived over the road from my parents. 
A family who became good friends of my family. 
Nonna lived in a unit next door to the rest of the family and her entire home seemed to be decorated in beige and brown.
 Her clothes were also beige and brown.
 Visiting her was like going into a very soft place, like inside a mushroom house.

Poor old Nonna developed dementia and eventually had to go to a nursing home and some of her things were sold off. 
Mum bought this chair and had it reupholstered and gave it to me.
 We call it the purple chair because it came with a long ago lost purple cushion.

It is a classic mid century fireside chair. 
My Granny had one that had lost it spring support underneath and so newspapers had been stacked under the cushion to give better support ( very uncomfortable).

This is where I knit when the fire is alight and there is no sunshine on the couch.
 A knitter must be warm.

The chair badly needs to be reupholstered again but in the meantime it wears a shawl of crocheted Granny goodness.

The rug over the arm of the chair is tucked under the seat, it makes for a softer spot for my elbow and stops the yarn from falling on to the floor and getting dirty or being attacked by a passing cat. 
The other chair arm stays open to let the fire's warmth through. 
It is amazing how cold you can get when you sit still for long  periods getting knitting done.

I sometimes stand in front of the fire too, for a change in position and  to warm my legs. 
It's handy to wear an apron with a big pocket to hold the ball of wool, then you can even walk around knitting if the spirit moves you.

My Studio, my home.

14 Responses to “My studio,my home part 1”

  1. A knitter does need to be warm, don't they :) My fingers moved so slowly today because I was so cold all day. But we refuse to turn the furnace back on even if Summer still refuses to grace us with her presence.
    A warm and lovely look at the place that you call home. Thank you!

  2. That chair is perfect for knitting and stitching. My dad had one too. I'd like one, but I image they are hard to find now.

  3. It looks like a very cozy place to sit and do your knitting. And I like the wee chairs next to you as well.

  4. It looks like a cosy corner and I see you have perfected your method for knitting. I'm going to have to try wearing an apron with pockets ;-)

  5. These are my favourite of all the posts you share. I have a similar chair in my bedroom, I use it often in summer but it's too cold in winter. I would love to be able to fit it next to my fire somehow!

    cheers Kate

  6. Some days are just made for knitting in the chair by the fire. That granny-square rug is just right.

  7. It is my puppy who steals my yarn! So funny to watch her. We think she is asking for a new sweater to be knitted for her

  8. I love the story about your chair Jenny.

  9. Love the chair and knitting spot! The pink walls around the fire place are great too! I have never seen pink walls like that!

  10. I am going into summer so the knitting happens while I follow my daughters around in the yard or while they swing at the park...and as of yesterday, it happens a lot when one of the little ones plays soccer! yeah for me :-) On the other hand, what a lovely view you have with those Gingermelon dolls and all that crochet goodness around you...very inspiring Miss Jenny, very inspiring!

  11. What a wonderfully cosy spot for knitting!


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