May Give Away

10 May 2011

cover of my 1973 school note pad

As I mentioned yesterday  this month marks the 5th birthday of my blog  and I am also celebrating having 500 fans  for my Facebook business page.
 Each month this year I have held a give away on my dolly blog, a poppet, a bunny, a pocket doll and a tiny mermaid.

This month I have something special as a give away, 
a 9.5" doll dressed a Little Red Riding Hood. 

The little dolls that I sold last week, Issy, Effy and Immy were all 9.5' dolls and they are a very sweet size.

1950s Lucie Atwell book

So if you would like to enter, and I hope you do just go to my dolly blog and leave a comment there.
 It is possible to enter more then once if you are also a little jenny wren dolls Facebook fan and/or a follower of my dolly blog. 
The instructions are on the dolly blog.

Good luck and thanks for coming to read my blog.

I do appreciate that you find my blog interesting enough to visit and many of you visit often.
 More than 400 visit each time I publish a new post which is not megablog status but it impresses me.

Prayers for a Small Child, illustrated by Eloise Wilkin 1984

6 Responses to “May Give Away”

  1. It impresses me, too! But your pictures are so beautiful, and the dolls so lovely that I am not surprised.

    Pomona x

  2. You are fun to read, Jenny, and your dolls always bring a smile to me. I'm not surprised that so many visit :-)


  3. Your link to your doll blog didn't work for me.

  4. Thank you for the kind give-aways! You make wonderful, beautiful, dolls, Jenny. I love following your blog, fb page, and posts.

  5. Hi Jenny, I am a fan and follower on both your blogs and the FB page. I so hope I win this month, fingers and toes, Kathy R


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