4 May 2011

dolly dressmakers dolls

Just how inconvenient is it having to borrow someone's computer.
To not have any of your normal bookmarks.
To be scrolling round with a silly little over sensitive, has a mind of it's own scrollpad.


I did manage to get a few photos uploaded but I am very aware that I am not supposed to be taking over the borrowed computer and  whatever I do has to take up only a little space.

Still I am grateful he is willing to share.

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  1. I can relate to what your saying. I had to use my son's super fantastic latest model space age lap top the other day. LOL...I had to ask for help. The word dinosaur was mentioned a few times:)

  2. 'Just how pathetic are you' was the comment I got last night after making the same mistake several times in about 5 minutes. 'Very', was my answer.'

  3. I have to borrow my son's laptop now too as our computer is now history. I don't get called pathetic but he really doesn't like me leaving my pictures on there.
    I'm at the library today so I won't be in any trouble at all.


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