Ginger snaps

3 May 2011


Anouk's doll

Little Miss Muffet

Fabiola's doll

Spring DarbyDoll "Birdie"

Shannon's doll


Sue's doll


Berrie's doll


Nancy's doll

Emma's doll


Jenn's doll

Cathy's doll

Gabi's doll


Deb's doll


My doll

I have some fabulous dollmaking friends all over the world.
Colleagues who are there to answer questions, to cheer each other on, offer kind words when things get difficult and to truly enjoy each others successes.

And sometimes it seems we all get a little gingery blue eyed inspiration all at the same time, except for one, who had to be a little bit different. Can you see which dollmaker missed the blue eyed part of the brief.

( I haven't put links to everyone's shops as I am on Andy's computer and it is just too responsive and is taking me on a wild journey just getting this post together. I think I have links to everyone  shown here on my sidebar)

5 Responses to “Ginger snaps”

  1. all of them are so sweet! i love the ginger theme.

  2. Adorable dollies! But I think you are mistaken, the last one is mine! ;) At least she is now!! LOL!

  3. I love them all but Shannon's doll has the cutest little hairstyle! Just adorable!

  4. Beautiful! And I love the name choice for your Blog entry. They are dreamy. The choice of yarn on your (I mean Lil Red Hen :-)) doll is really quite unusual. Very pretty! Tracy :-)


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