Five years

9 May 2011

all together for the last time
remember the kittens , born for Christmas, a few years ago and definitely blogged about.

Heard on the radio this morning that it is five years since the Beaconsfield miners were freed from being trapped in the mine which also means that it is five years since poor Andy went into hospital with a burst appendix and spent a terrible week in hospital so very ill.
 It also means that it is about 5 years since I started my blog.

Where did those 5 years go, I only need to read my blog I guess to find out.

This is my very first blog post , as expected an autumn post featuring toadstools the photos taken with a borrowed camera.
 I didn't get my own camera until some months later when I was getting ready to open my Etsy shop.

Who would have ever thought that internet-ish things could play such an important part in my life. 
I hadn't touched a computer until about 6 months before I started my blog.

So anyway. as I am almost to 500 fans on my Facebook page and now I realise it's my blog's 5th birthday my May give away is even more special. 
I am in the process of making a 9" Little Red Riding Hood doll which will be given away at the end of this month.
 I will give you the details on how to enter as soon as I can.

Oh and thank you for coming to read my blog. 

I do appreciate that you take the time, and I hope you enjoy your visits here.

 My darling Andy has fixed my poor old computer and so things should be back to normal this week.

For details of the May Give Away go here

8 Responses to “Five years”

  1. Congratulations Jenny, that is quite an achievement.

    I can't imagine not coming to visit you in blogland, yours is without a doubt my favourite blog.

    cheers Kate

  2. Isn't blogland a wonderful thing, kind of a technological fairyland. Congrats Jenny dear, I so enjoy visiting you.


  3. Congratulations for reaching five years! I hope there will be many many more!

  4. Congrats, I loved reading every entry over those 5 years, that means our girls were only 9 then? (Betsy turns 14 this month).

  5. Congratulations. Five solid years. No mean achievement. Such a lovely place to visit even if it is topsy turvy!

  6. Congratulations Jenny! Five years blogging, well done! I always enjoy reading your posts and seeing the photos of your lovely dolls. Here's to the next five years.

  7. Congratulations on five years of blogging. I have been reading for about four and a half of those years. Back then our boys were schoolboys and now like you I have one at university and one working for a year before going in the autumn. How time flies.

  8. Happy Blog Anniversary! I've not been able to visit for awhile, but your blog is one of my favorites. I'm so glad you're here!


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