15 May 2011

Early last week mum's little cat was hit by a car. 
My sister and I gave this cat, Millie to Dad when he was first starting to go into his slow decline. 
He had given up golf and had very few interests apart from TV, he was starting to retreat into a very small world that was just home and family.
 He loved Millie with a passion.
 Millie had a difficult start in life, she gave birth to kittens before her first birthday and she and her kittens were dumped at the RSPCA animal shelter. 
That is where we found her and adopted her to give to Dad for his birthday 6 years ago.

So Millie was injured and taken to the vet, she had a broken leg and bruised lungs. 
She was operated on and spent two days at the vets. Mum was willing to pay whatever she had to , to keep Millie alive. 
She was desperate that Millie should live but no doubt you have guessed that little Millie died.
 She did go home and spent two days there before she died in Mum's arms last night.

I think that is enough you know. 

In the past 12 months Mum has said goodbye to a brother, a sister, a husband and now her last little living connection to day to day life with Dad, little Millie. 
That's enough.
 She needs to be allowed to just get  on with life for a while don't you think. 

23 Responses to “Enough”

  1. So very sorry Jenny. Wish I could say something that would help. Sending love. xxx

  2. I am so sorry for you mum. It is so very hard to lose loved ones, people and animals.
    I would love to have one of your mermaids.
    Take care

  3. Yes Jenny, I agree. My heart hurts for your Mother, and for you. Be strong for her.


  4. Dear Jenny - yes it is more than enough. My own mum lost her poodle which had belonged to her parents and lost that last link with them too. It makes the loss of a loved pet even harder. We said a prayer for your mum and that your dear dad would rest in peace, who knows maybe with Millie on his knee.

  5. I am so very sorry. I adopted a little stray that found her way up under our house 6 years ago & I know how much she means to me. I had two friends pass away this week, so I am very sympathetic to your families grief. There are many of us out here who understand and care.

  6. Jenny - I am so sorry for the tremendous losses your mother has suffered this year and the pain you have had as well. My thoughts are with you both.

  7. Oh I am so sorry! My heart is aching for your sweet Mum. I am praying that the Lord will comfort her and give her healing...and a really awesome break! Hugs to her and you!

    Lots of love,

  8. So sorry to hear this Jenny. Yes, I would agree. Enough.

  9. I so feel for your Mum, we do get to love those little furry members of the family very much; it's heartbreaking when we lose them. Hugs from Kathy

  10. Lightning can indeed strike in the same place more than once. Very cruel. I am so sorry. It must feel very overwhelming for your beloved mother. I am sure she is grateful for your unwaivering support and care. Tracy :-)

  11. Jenny, I am so very sorry for this great loss. It was more than just a kitty....it was a little connection still left, of something that was special to your dad and her in his final years with her. My heart felt prayers go out to her. I understand. I have been in those shoes, too. I will not forget her. xxxx

  12. Definitely enough, so sorry your Mum has had to deal with this so soon after your Dad's passing. She needs a break, poor love.


  13. Sorry to read this Jenny.

    cheers Kate

  14. Oh, Jenny, my heart breaks for your mum, and you as well... hopefully things will be better soon. xoxo

  15. Oh Jenny that's hard. My Mum went through a similar thing after Dad died in 1999. When she moved down here she brought her cat Radar, her last link with Dad, Radar died four months later. Fortunately we had our cat and dog and they became Mum's too -- I hope things go better for your Mum soon.

  16. I'm so sorry.:( That is SO much to have to endure.

  17. I am very sad to hear of your mums loss of her sweet kitty....so many things happen in life we don't always understand....I pray your mum will receive inner peace and comfort to sustain her.. ....life is hard sometimes,that is for sure....it is in these times that our God will carry us..until we are able to carry on...blessings

  18. I am so sorry to hear about poor little Millie. Please send my love to your Mum.

  19. When it rains, it pours, doesn't it? I'm really sorry to hear this, and I surely hope things begin to improve for your mum. Sounds like she needs lots of hugs, cups of tea, and walks to see beautiful flowers for a while.

    Anna Marie

  20. Oh Jenny that is such sad news. Sending love and healing thoughts to you all.


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