Dolly Day Friday

6 May 2011

Beau Soleil and Lunette
The little Lunette with her bigger friend Beau Soleil, both made by the marvellous Berrie of Moonchild Dolls

I told you about my dolly friends earlier in the week when I showed you all the lovely gingery dolls.
Well now we are doing something really wonderful that is just so special. 
You see we live all over the place from Alaska through Canada and the US to Europe and here in Australia and it probably isn't so likely we will all meet in person so we have a little ambassador who is travelling to each of us gathering love and treasures along the way to pass from dollmaker to dollmaker.

The very lovely Berrie has made little Lunette and she has just started a very long and exciting journey from the top of the northern hemisphere to the bottom of the southern hemisphere visiting my dolly friends and getting a bag full of goodies and new names on the way. 

How exciting is that.

I am last on the list so I have a long wait but that's OK.

You can read about it here and here

3 Responses to “Dolly Day Friday”

  1. sounds like fun. can't wait to follow along:o)
    ps-i've had to borrow my son's laptop. lots of eye rolling and sighs when asking for help. i was very 'pathetic' and how are you supposed to get used to not using a mouse?!

  2. I am sooooooo glad we are doing this! Very exciting. I hope we do it will a doll from everyone in the gang.

  3. What a wonderfull idea and such a stunning little set of dolls xx xx xx


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