11 May 2011


Crikey it's cold.

Not northern hemisphere thick snow cold but it's cold.
Brass monkeys cold.
Supposed to be -1C tonight.

I am so grateful for woolly warm slippers, woolly warm socks and woolly warm hand knit cardigan that buttons all the way up to the neck.

I am grateful for a blazing fire and thick curtains drawn against the cold night.

And I am really grateful that I am not running around a hockey field in the dark like Kate or playing tennis in the cold dark like Stephen - are these people mad?

Patons knitting book no.226

5 Responses to “COLD”

  1. Oh, chilly here in the darling downs too. A very biting wind. I think it is time to put the fire into action.

  2. Yes, it's cold in Melbourne too. I am still building up my stash of woollen clothes, as there was no need for it in South Africa.

  3. It's cold here too Jenny. It's 11.2C as I type this which is really really cold for us!

  4. We have the opposite problem here... it is supposed to be 90 farenheit / 32 celcius here, late summer heat and it is only spring. I will be working in the basement to keep cool!

  5. Stay nice and warm Jenny, we have had no rain for almost five weeks here in England and constant sunshine and very warm, the first time ever for our Spring for many years. Today, it rained.! the gardens will benefit hugely I'm sure.


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