18 May 2011

Late autumn.

So pretty.

So intense, the colours, the smells, the memories.

Such a poetic time of the year.

And busy too as people prepare for winter's goodies, long nights, short bright days, short dull days, rain and snow on the mountains round about.

We have a new load of firewood coming this weekend.

Heating with wood certainly attaches you to the passing seasons in a way that no electric or gas heater ever could.

The wood  splitting and stacking, the kindling gathering, the paper scrunching, the fire tending so that it burns bright and clear, not slowly and smokily.

Hope your late season is making memories, whether it's autumn or spring in your neck of the woods.

5 Responses to “autumn”

  1. Nice pussy. I still have a wood burner and have no intention of getting rid of it. There is something about a fire I love. And the cost of running it is quite low compared with other methods.

  2. I love your cat. What a sweetie:) Here we are starting into spring finally with lots and lots of rain.

  3. the first picture is particulary nice. i long for fall, it's too hot to knit in paris.

  4. Oh I love your words, I am enjoying the late Autumn, cheers Marie

  5. Always enjoy your photos & words that describe Autumn...and how true that having a wood heater attaches you to the seasons. Autumn blessings to you.


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