Tea cosy question

7 Apr 2011

new cosy

 Had an email from a reader about a missing picture of a tea cosy on one of my earlier posts.

I think this is the tea cosy I was talking about in that post.

I found it very dirty and shoved down the back of a shelf at the op shop.

Here are some of my tea cosies, some inherited, some found in op shops, none made by me


6 Responses to “Tea cosy question”

  1. ha. Last year, a friend gave me two of these. I have apples as a decoration in my kitchen and both of the cozies sported different apples on them. I coudn't for the life of me figure out what they were. My friend picked them up at a yard sale. They are still in my kitchen drawer.

    I like the colors of the pink and white cozy that is laying flat on the table.

  2. They are all so cute. I love the ruffled one especially. Gee, I would need to do some washing to show mine!

  3. Arent' they all so adorable. A tea coay isn't something we find very often here in the states. In specialty shopes that cater to tea etc. But in all my years of thrifting, ( ops shopping :))
    I have never seen anything even remotly like them. I have one my neice made for me. But nothing like you have. I love them all, sigh something else I now NEED :)

  4. they are so pretty and cute! Thanks for a treat photo.
    (and I'm envious - there are no knitted tea cozies in American thrift shops - and I'm not quite brave enough to knit one yet).

  5. There is something very comfortable about tea cozies.

  6. These are so cute! I never find anything like these in our shops... if I did I'd grab it right up!


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