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Shivering dolls

12 Apr 2011

It's cold

It's cold here and I am working on clothes for these dollies and more that will be going into the shop on Thursday.

I seem to be surrounded by dolls shivering under crocheted blankets.

still cold, still naked

12 Responses to “Shivering dolls”

  1. Poor babies! At least they know their Momma is making their clothes =)

  2. Good morning Jenny...
    More beautiful dolls....I do look forward to seeing them completed and the latest pretty outfits you have chosen...each one work so hard my friend!
    Thank you too for the 'Fifi and Lola' was lovely to see them suddenly appear on my side bar on the blog!
    Have a good day (evening?)and make sure you and your dolllies wrap up well,
    Susan x

  3. I've noticed the temps down your way!

  4. Your dolls are so wonderful. I admire you for having the patience to make soft toys. I think they are so time consuming. I made a stuffed elephant once and it was pretty much my undoing :)

  5. Your dollies are so sweet. So glad they are keeping snuggly warm under the blanket.

  6. What lovelies! I think those button noses are so sweet Jenny. :)

  7. Hello,
    Arent' they adorable! So much fun, and such dedication to the little ones you finish. Can't wait to see all the outfits you choose. Should be lots of fun.

  8. At least they have adorable afghans to cozy underneath.


  9. They look pretty happy to me, and who wouldn't be, in such great expectation of something special to wear :)

  10. What adorable images, Jenny. Furthermore, two of my daughters have exactly the same shade of hair as that golden haired gal. Tracy :-)

  11. How lovely, your sweet dolls all snug and cosy under their warm patchwork blankets.


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