I have been here and there...

29 Apr 2011


but mostly here,


with family and things to do...


but these three 9.5" dolls plus a handful of little dolls will be in the shop at 10pm tonight ( AEST)

5 Responses to “I have been here and there...”

  1. Oh pretty, love their hair, and those sweet little inverted pleat tops....I used to make them for my daughter when she was little, as she had a little pot belly and they sat nicely.

  2. well I'm glad that you are still here, I've missed your inspiring and comforting words and pictures this last week.

    The dolls are gorgeous but they make me feel cold in their beautiful summery clothes.

    cheers Kate

  3. Can't wait to see my little Immy doll. You wouldn't believe how excited I was to actually get her!!


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