Hot Cross Buns

20 Apr 2011


It's coming round to Hot Cross Bun time again or have you been eating them for weeks. 
The supermarkets have had them on the shelves since a whisper past Christmas.
We did eat some a couple of weeks ago, with much angst from me.
A packet that I had bought  from the supermarket, ridiculously reduced in price at the end of the day that I stowed in the freezer, just in case,  were heated up and eaten when the cupboards were bare in the midst of all the family busyness that followed  Dad's death.

Amazingly the family prefer home made buns and every year I can't remember which recipe I usually use, usually being once a year. 
Thankfully the recipe is recorded on the blog.
Oh that's right I said when I found it not too far into my hunt through the recipe pages.
Quite enjoyed the little saunter I took through the recipes actually. 
You can find them here, I think there are quite  few recipe repeats but it brought back lots of nice memories of food made and shared.

hot cross buns

6 Responses to “Hot Cross Buns”

  1. Jenny I've made your recipe for two years, this will be the third, I know I printed it last year so I don't have to wonder which link is the right one for me. :) Yours is the nicest recipe I've come across -- nice and doughy and not overly sweet.

  2. Yum!!
    Il give it a try. thanks

  3. Yummy...I'll give them a try. Thank you:)

  4. They look divine- nice and shiny :) I ate some Bakers Delight choc-chip ones last week but I think I prefer the traditional kind!

  5. You have inspired me to spend an afternoon in the kitchen Jenny!
    Best wishes for a lovely Easter,
    Susan x

  6. Hi! They look magnificent, I might have to give them a try! So sorry to hear about your Dad.


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