Dolly Day Friday

15 Apr 2011

Isabelle 14" baby doll


Benjamin 12" chubby doll


Marianne 12" Classic


Camille 12" Classic


Marianne 12" Classic


Gabrielle 16" Floppy arm


These are the dolls that went into the shop yesterday.
I love that each one is quite different but still has the essence of a little jenny wren doll.
Every day this week has been a dolly day as I've worked 9 to 5 to get the dolls dressed for their big day.
Tired but happy today

Who would ever have thought  I would spend my middle years making dolls, for a living???
Life's twists and turns, it constantly amazes me how my life has turned out, not that I ever had a plan.
My only plan was that if I married I wanted to marry a man who was kind and had a good sense of humour and I wanted to have a house with a window seat. 
I ticked those two off the list years ago.

8 Responses to “Dolly Day Friday”

  1. They're all so beautiful, I really can't pick which one I like the most.

  2. You're dolls are just gorgeous- I like it how they're all so different :)

  3. People come into our art shop who can pick this and that artist -- old masters, modern etc. Good for them -- I can pick a Jenny Wren dolly anywhere. :)

  4. Yay for dolly day! Your dolls are always so recognizably you, Jenny; they truly delight the soul. I commented to a friend the other day how it amazes me that I can happily spend my days making toys. I think it is a gift :-)


  5. they are all beautiful! camille and gabrielle speak to me especially. seems to me that this is just what you should be doing... :)

  6. Hi Jenny,

    All your dolls are so beautiful, I especially love Isabelle and Camille.

    You have such a wonderful talent Jenny.

  7. I love your life plan! So nice to see a contented person.

    Your dollies are just beautiful - they have soul and style and are so loveable.


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