Dolly Day Friday

8 Apr 2011

  This is Charlotte, a little 6" poppet from the late 1960s.

 She is my doll, she was essential to many Barbie doll games, the cute little sister or child of Twiggy or Pj or Barbie.
I always loved her posable head and sweet, sweet face.

 I have no idea where she came from, she never seemed to have any clothes of her own, I think maybe she came as  a Lucky Dip prize at a school fair. her only marking is Hong Kong.
This dress is not hers,  as usual she is dressed in someone else's cast offs. 
She often wore a little green knitted dress that has now been eaten by the moths and she also wore Tuppence's red sweater and a pair of trousers.

 She was  and is very cute, very photogenic and a sweetheart. 

I named her after Charlotte Bronte, her hair with the centre part reminded me of the picture on the front of a copy of Jane Eyre that we had.

Poor thing does deserve some clothes of her own after all these years don't you think.

Do you have any special little dolls from your childhood , or more recent times?
You have to love a tiny wee doll.

9 Responses to “Dolly Day Friday”

  1. I loved all of my dolls as a kid. When I was little I had a soft bodied doll with a plastic head and crazy curly hair. Her hair was always in knots!! I still have her somewhere. I'm hoping my daughter becomes a doll lover :)

  2. I love her....her little dress is new isn't it? If not, it fits in today's styles really well. I have no childhood toys, my mom got rid of everything including my beloved Nancy Drew books. But, I have my daughter's Carolle dolls and her first stuffed animals.

  3. I still have three of the four Madame Alexander eight inch dolls from my childhood. I loved these dolls, and believe it or not my Miss Switzerland managed to hang on to her little wooden shoes :-)


  4. My friend Jenny (across the road not in Tassie) had a doll like Charlotte.

  5. I still have a few of my dolls and stuffed animals.
    I should get them out and take pictures of them. I believe I still have one that is in a picture with me when I was very small.... :0)

  6. When I was about 6 or 7, I found a doll under my brother's bed (?) and said "Whose is this?" "Yours, when you were a year old." What? Me? A doll? I have always disliked dolls but I love the ones you make!

  7. Your little girl is so cute!! I am a lifelong doll lover and have many of my childhood dolls still. I've never seen one like Charlotte - she's a keeper:)

  8. What a sweetie Charlotte is. I think her little dress suits her really well and she looks a happy little dolly so I wouldn't change her. I eventually managed to complete a post yesterday for 'Dolly Day Friday' though I fear it was almost Saturday by the time I'd finished (just one of those busy old days). Eli x

  9. Love are fortunate to have many of your childhood dolls...we moved very much when I was a child and things that were no longer played with were passed on to nieces...I do wish I had a few of my play things though....blessings


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