Dolly Day Friday ( on Monday which is also ANZAC Day)

25 Apr 2011

By Barbara of Aunt Boos Babies


By Cathy of Pink Petunia Cottage Dolls

Row, row, row your boat

By Fabs of Fig and Me

Baby Spring

By Jenn of Tumbleberry Toys

For Nova

By Anouk of  Atelier Poppenoek

Alma, lovely dressed for Xmas

By Micha of Puppenleisl

Just wanted to share some of my recently favourited dolls from the Flickr Steiner Dolls group.
There are links to all these wonderful dollmakers in my sidebar plus many more.
You can never have too much of a good thing like pictures of lovingly made dolls.

So many beautiful dolls.

If you want to see more hand made dolly goodness check out the Steiner dolls group on Flickr.

7 Responses to “Dolly Day Friday ( on Monday which is also ANZAC Day)”

  1. They are all just lovely! What a wonderful showcase.

  2. Love these! Thanks for sharing. Hope you're having a good long weekend, Jenny. Tracy :-)

  3. Lovely. The first two new crafter's that I hadn't heard of (and their dolls are beautiful), and I love the Japanese Linen dress the first doll has on.

    I love the crafter's of all of these dolls that I already knew about. They, like yourself encompass what these dolls are all about. It makes me yearn, with out wishing away Ava's childhood, for when she gets old enough for a formed doll so I am able to purchase another just for her. I could make one I guess, but its hard for them not to see me make it, and I would hate to think the beauty of the love a child could have for them would be taken away by seeing it all come together.

    I often stop by Fabs blog, just to gaze over her dolls, I often feel like they are just going to starting talking to me through the screen ;)

  4. A wonderful feast for the eyes Jenny!
    I love seeing photos from talented doll makers who have all transformed the same tried and true idea into their own unique and personal masterpieces. Each one truly encompasses the spirit of it's maker.

  5. Jenny, thanks so much for including one of my dolls in Dolly Day Friday! What a thrill to pop in and see:o)


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