Doing words

6 Apr 2011

Brother and sister

Working on a family of dolls that should have been finished half a lifetime ago, well at least a month ago.

This is the little brother and big sister plus there is a mum and dad, also naked, waiting patiently for their clothes.

Visited Nanna's coffee shop for afternoon tea with Mum and Kate. 
Don't think Mum was much impressed but Kate loves it.

Planning the clothes and hair and faces and stories for some new dolls for the shop to be ready for next week.

Listening to a best of Simon and Garfunkel CD, chosen by Kate  enjoyed by me and by Stephen.
Don't know about Andy , he is researching computer components and hears nothing...nothing.

Planting spring bulbs, tulips, ranunculus and spring crocuses to join the hyacinths and daffodils and bluebells that grow in the garden outside Kate's window.

Thinking of Dad each time I do the washing up, he always had such a  look of concentration on his face when he washed the dishes.

Enjoying  these superb autumn crisp mornings and sweet sunny days, Tasmania does autumn so well. 

Soft, sweet days.

5 Responses to “Doing words”

  1. Wishing you sweet memories each time you remember your dad.

  2. Those two are so sweet!Can't wait to see them all together. :0)
    I like fall and since we are moving back to Ontario Canada this summer I will be able to enjoy it too. Oh and spring bulb planting too!I just love real seasons!! :0)

    Have a wonderful day!

  3. We are welcoming in a wet cold spring here in Pennsylvania, USA. It is welcome though after a cold winter.

    Autumn is my favorite season of all - enjoy!

  4. It sounds like you are enjoying life, even when it is bittersweet.


  5. I inherited my fathers ability to whistle a good strong tune. Every time I whistle (and that is every day, I got caught doing it in a shop and a lady commented!), it reminds me of him. Makes me smile.



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