♥ autumn

2 Apr 2011

red onions

Lunch was sausages and freshly made still warm red onion marmalade all wrapped in soft buttered bread.

I love autumn

baby pumpkins

crab apples


8 Responses to “♥ autumn”

  1. I love the changing seasons. Autumn in the lower SE of South Australia is wonderful. Chilly mornings that turn into warm sunny days then the chill creeps back in of an evening. We had our reverse cycle heating on last night for the first time. The football season has started so I go to bed early on Saturday nights (pffft to the footy)then wake up early Sunday morning and usually sit in the quiet with a cuppa or watch a DVD without interruption. Bliss!

  2. oh I have pumpkin envy, mine are still so small that I'm beginning to worry they won't mature.
    I always used to be a summer girl, but the last few years I think I love Autumn almost as much as summer.

    cheers Kate

  3. I love autumn too...so much in fact I named my first daughter, Autumn. I like getting ready to settle in for cold weather...gathering wood, building fires, the smell of smoke in the house, making hot chocolate and no bake cookies. Yum.

    I love the pictures. Could you name the fruits on the trees?

  4. I love autumn, too. I love the colours, smells, pumpkins and memories it brings.

  5. I so love the first days of autumn.....enjoy! Your images are lovely. xoxo

  6. I know of a sweet book you would love. It's called Autumn by Susan Branch. Do you know about Gladys Taber? She was amazing and autumn is a good time to read her works.

  7. I love the medlars. Mine are bletting in the cupboard ready to make jelly. But what are the fruit in the top picture? They look like crabapples, but they're much redder than the ones I get. It's a good reminder for me to go and check out the tree behind my shopping centre that nooone else seems to have found.


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