April Give Away

5 Apr 2011

mini mermaid

I think I forgot to tell you about this month's give away on the dolly blog.
It's a dear little mermaid just like the one above.
She is 15cm (6") to the tip of her tail and made from all natural fibres.

Anyone can enter but only once per household.
I will draw the winner on May 1st.
Make sure you leave your comment on my dolly blog to enter, not on this blog.

Good luck.

6 Responses to “April Give Away”

  1. Oh my Lordy. My girl would love that litttle doll. She is mermaid mad!!

  2. she is completely sweet! what tales could be woven about her...

  3. What a delightful little handful, Jenny :-)


  4. Oh Jenny, she's sooo cuuute! :0)
    The perfect little mermaid!

  5. So adorable!! Does my daughter count as my household since she lives on her own? LOL


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