25 Apr 2011

My Mum and her best friend 1941
Mum and her best friend Billie, Mum is wearing her brother Jack's army hat

My Mum was 8 when WWII started.
She was the second youngest of 8 children with three older brothers who all went into the Armed Services when the war came to the Pacific region.

Her oldest brother Jim, born in 1915 just a year before his namesake Uncle was killed at the Battle of the Somme, caught by enemy fire and perished in No Man's Land, joined the RAAF.

Her other two big brothers, Charlie and Jack joined the Army.
Her sister's husband Norm joined the Airforce.

All survived and went on to live ordinary lives and bring up ordinary families in ordinary towns and cities.
To live through something so extraordinary, to fight in a war and then just come home and get on with it as best they could ...


Lest we forget.

Mum in her brothers army gear 1941
Mum in her brother Jack's army coat and hat

2 Responses to “ANZAC Day”

  1. Such a touching post, Jennie. It took courage to fight the war, but courage also to come home and return to a 'normal' life.


  2. It seems a little strange that I was a little girl during WWII but never knew anything about it until history lessons in school.


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