7 Mar 2011

Business meeting

What is it about the smell of autumn in the air that makes you want to be busier around the house.
I don't mean the smells of late autumn , of fallen leaves beginning to decay and the smell of woodsmoke as fires are lit to keep the houses warm. 
I mean the slight smell that comes from what, I don't know. 
You can smell when spring is just beginning, before the full spring blossom smell you get a little feeling and it's the same for autumn.

Cheery boots

For the past few weeks the air just hasn't smelled like summer, all those little things that your body knows as summer, the things that go with that smell, like the sureness that the early morning kitchen floor won't feel cold, that the water straight from the tap will be a little warm, that things will dry on the line no matter when you peg them out, that the window seat will only have sun for a short time each day, all those things have passed. 

Last pear

The first sniff of autumn somehow makes you want get things done, get them sorted.
Get all the washing done, on the line and back in starts to feel a little urgent, not like summer when you can be so casual  about it all. 
Getting some baking done feels more important, gathering the last of whatever late summer fruits are still around, tidying outside, taking care of things left untouched through the lazy summer, getting organised.
That slight smell of autumn gets into you and gets things started.
And that's a good thing. don't you think.
Can't be stuck in summer forever.

Another thought, why does this weather make me want to drink tea rather than coffee?

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  1. Or to put it more prosaically: the cooler air wakes me up after my summer sleep! I know what you mean Jenny, I'm bustling about too.

  2. you are so right. Over the weekend I did a heap of washing and today I am cooking up apples, pears, and nashies. I will freeze them so during winter we can have crumble with hot custard. The last of the tomatoes and beans will be cooked up and frozen too so that they can go into the slow cooker for hearty stews to keep us warm over the cool months.
    That remings me, must go out and split wood, another job on the list.

  3. Now we know how the squirrels feel! From Jenny mch

  4. Maybe tea because it is time to reflect a bit before the weather turns? Enjoy the change of seasons! We are getting ready for spring at my house, which brings lots of pollen and allergies :)

  5. Spring is the air over here...almost! I know what you mean....can't wait

  6. I know what you mean I have been busy today too.
    I think it is because it is cooler and much easier to catch up on things.

  7. Love smelling the changing seasons! I think it reminds me that cocooning at home is starting.


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