17 Mar 2011

Of course, it's Ellie the elephant

So I gave myself a holiday today.
I feel as though I have been pretty much working non stop since the middle of January.

I washed the various crocheted blankets from around the house, 
I cleaned the bathroom,
I snoozed in the sun,
I read this book  
and I finally , after  about three years stitched and stuffed this little elephant for Kate.
All the knitting was done I only needed to do the finishing and it has sat there all this time, abandoned.
She does still need a daisy chain for her head .
I hope that doesn't take another three years.

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  1. Cute! I love how your idea of a holiday is to wash all the blankets, and clean the bathroom before finally sitting down for a while! xx

  2. PS. I had a look at the book you're reading and went ahead and ordered it. It looks great, can't wait to read it! :)

  3. She is adorable! I too have no problem knitting and crocheting the pieces to make a doll, but have to push myself to sew it together, stuff and embellish it..I wonder why???

  4. What a cute elephant. So glad you could take a day off, even if that day included some household chores! I always find a certain satisfaction in crossing off some of those long term to-dos off my list.

  5. I am getting convicted. Sounds like you day off was very productive. Maybe I need to take a day off so I'll get something done! :)


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