My job

9 Mar 2011

Around 9.30 most mornings I sit down to start work.
I do think of myself as having a job now but it's the best kind of job, doing what I love and being able to do it at home.
I know that wouldn't suit everyone, the chatter and support of workmates is a really important part of any job and often the thing people miss most when they retire.
I have the internet to link me to my doll making colleagues around the world and that I love.
I value their support and encouragement, I love being able to talk about things to do with doll making and internet business with people who understand.
These people are my workmates, thank you Mr Internet.

I often do some dolly stuff earlier in the morning too, my menopausal early mornings mean I usually have an hour or two to myself before every one gets up  to go to work and school.

From 6.30 to 8.30, my routine revolves around breakfast and lunches and saying good byes, then an hour to get the house in shape, washing on, figuring out what's for tea, the usual and then I make a cup of coffee or tea and sit down at my table ready to begin.

So now  it's 9.30, 
time to begin, 
turn on some music, 
make a cuppa,
check my wishlist of what I might achieve today...

20 Responses to “My job”

  1. You must have one of the nicest, and most satisfying, jobs in the world! Tracy :-)

  2. It is so great to read about your schedule, I often wonder how creative people "work" since they are at know with all the family stuff around you as well....when one works out of the home one can leave behind for a few hours the busyness of home. I am trying to get a structure to my time of creative work and sometimes I do feel guilty of doing so when there is always something to do in the home! I see that I must view it as my "other" job and respect it so. Thank you for all you share!

  3. I am thankful to have you as a friend and fellow doll maker. ((HUGS))

  4. I am so glad that you love your job. We love knowing you from your blog and through your dolls. Hugs, Rosemary

  5. Your job sounds idealic! I would love to be able to make a career out of my art- you're very lucky (and talented at what you do)

  6. I love quiet early mornings. I love to have a hot cup of coffee, some reading or some knitting. I love to knit in the quiet of the morning.

    I love making dolls. Although it takes me a long time to produce a finished doll, I like the satisfaction I have when finished. Its like seeing my counter covered with jars of food from my garden all ready to go into the pantry for the winter. Its a satisfying feeling like no other.

  7. Quiet mornings are the best and how many people can honestly say that they love what they do?
    I try to be a bit more scheduled these days as well and get a lot of inspiration from you and my fellow doll maker. :0)

  8. I love hearing about your day - I loved when you did that "day in my life" feature.

    Helpful to know how you approach your job, too. Good to know you respect it as such.

  9. a schedule to be envious of Jenny !
    to be there for your family, not to have to travel, to align your day as you need to around your work, life and still have people to commune with.

  10. I second all that Margo said.

    You are a real inspiration to me Jenny, I often turn to your blog when I'm in need of my own mum for advice or guidance, so thankyou.

    cheers Kate

  11. A doll maker should always be someone like you Jenny.

  12. Heart and home, or should that be hearth? (I'm never sure). Which ever it is it's the happiest place to be and your little dollies reflect that Jenny. I agree about the friendship of the internet, we all feel like one big happy family chatting round the fieside in winter and out in the garden in summer. Eli x

  13. I think we crafters must all have very similar days, Jenny.
    I have a vision of us all busily working away. It is the perfect life for me and so lovely to connect with like-minded friends in those little breaks through the day (even at the other side of the world!)and there is always something new to learn from shared experiences,
    Susan x

  14. Dear Jenny,
    Standing still and feel grateful for our daily live is such a good thing to do. Thank you for reminding me! I loooooove my work and think it's verry nice to talk with dollmaking friends, too.

  15. Love these posts of yours. Such tranquillity and contentment. I can almost hear you purring! Lol! xx

  16. Jenny, a truly delightful description of your 'day.'


  17. You day sounds so cozy and wonderful, and your work is fantastic!


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