3 Mar 2011

Maisie missed out on going into the shop on Monday because, well, she was naked, no underwear, nothing.

Now she has undies, thanks Mum 
and she has a borrowed dress, thanks Amelia,
and she has time on her hands before she goes into the shop on 14th March.

So she is hanging around reading, reading a book that came in a big box of books and hand me down clothes and shoes that came to our house when I was a little girl.

Whoever Janine Jones was I never knew, perhaps the daughter of an old mate of my Dad's.
She certainly enjoyed writing her name, it was in every book in that box, some books she had autographed more than once. 
Plus there was the JONES stamp which decorated most of the books as well. 
It didn't stop her parents from handing the books on and we did enjoy them 
so thank you Janine, wherever you are.

Tomorrow is Friday, the first Friday of the month and the day that I officially launch Dolly Day Friday.

A day dedicated to all things dolly and I am inviting you to join in and share your dolly thoughts, memories, discoveries, patterns, acquisitions, anything that is dolly related. 

If you have a blog please feel free to copy the button below and add it to your blog and link it back to:


When you write your dolly post let us know in the comments so we can all share what we have written, and skip from blog to blog reading all things dolly. 
If you don't have a blog you can join in with comments or just nodding in agreement as you read. 

Dolly Day Friday will be for everyone to join in. 
You can join in every week, once a month, once in a while, whatever.
Good idea, yes?

And if you are not that into dolls, well  you can pop back on Saturday when the coast is clear.

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  1. I love your new friend, she looks lovely reading her book. Dolly day sounds like a fantastic idea!

  2. Maisie is lovely, I was smiling even before the whole picture was loaded. Nice job Jenny.

    I'm looking forward to Dolly Day, love all things dolly.

  3. Your dolly is lovely!
    I think I'll join you on Dolly Day. What a good idea! I've had an idea going in my head for awhile now and I think Dolly Day will be a good creative outlet for it!

  4. Clever little Maisie, what an intelligent looking little dolly she is..... Now to think of a dolly subject for your Dolly Day Friday.


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