31 Mar 2011

wool measured out to make dolly heads

I have spent the day doing the washing and trying to get myself back into making dolls abandoned for the past week, doll heads to be precise.
I have measured out enough lovely soft wool to make 18 heads of various sizes.
I have washed and hung out four loads of washing.
I have had a good long chat with my sister and I have buzzed around the internet with gay abandon.
I have noticed the way the sun is coming further into the house.
I have rearranged ornaments on shelves.
I have looked through cooking books and planned meals.
I have thought about the cooler months ahead and the knitting I might like to do.

Getting back into something like my old routine will take time.
My routine for the past few months has been slightly driven, I have thrown myself into my dollmaking as a way of not thinking about the situation around me. 
Now the situation, my father's worsening health, is no longer there.
The things that I could not do wholeheartedly, cooking, cleaning, caring for my home; these things have been done of course but with a lick and a promise and now for the first time in months I am taking a genuine pleasure in my home.
I guess there is only so much energy we have and to survive I had to use it where it served me best, dollmaking was my meditation, my escape.
Coping with the emotional dramas unfolding around me took almost all the energy I had.
I could do little else.
  I feel now, slowly that little parts of my life, parts that were on hold are being given back to me and it feels good.

Now I have a little gift for you.
If you enjoy social history I found a little gem of a website : Spitalfields Life
I love it.


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  1. Jenny, when I was walking up the little hill to our shop this morning I was thinking of you and wondering how you are feeling, so it's good to find this post. So glad you are thinking about the "ordinary" things again, planning dollies and planning projects. Thanks for that link, I will enjoy it on Sunday.

  2. Have been thinking about you a lot lately. I was thinking about your mum today and wondering about how her daily routine will need to change and how that must be for her. I never thought though about how all this has impacted on your routine and daily life. I'm glad to hear that you are being positive and looking to move forward.

    cheers Kate

  3. Thinking about you Jenny during this difficult time for you all. I can completely empathise with your emotions having experienced similar losses quite recently, and my goodness isn't it wonderful to be able to wrap your yourself in a little dollmaking for a little comfort. What an amazing web site the Spitalfields one is. I could sit and read it all day but housework calls. However, it has rather tempted me to do a post about my favourite house in the area. Maybe I will. Thanks for the link and love to you all from England, Eli x

  4. I can relate to what you say about dollmaking. When I look back on my life, the most stressful times have also been my most industrious, sewing wise. There have been times when I would sew like a mad woman, every second I could. Lately though, I can barely force myself to pick up a needle. Must be feeling good!

  5. OH, I am so glad you have been able to get your house back together. It is such a nice feeling to have a cosy retreat when life throws hard times at you.

  6. I'm truly glad that you are able to get back into your old routine, and ENJOY it. I'm happy for you that your family is well(now as you move on without dad). And I rejoice with you that your relationship with you sister is GOOD! You have been an encouragement to me for many,many months now, your sweet spirit, and your sunny decorating and crafting style. God bless you and keep you, may His face shine upon you! Blessings, Debbie


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