22 Mar 2011

Found this little mitten on the weekend when I was sorting through some bits and pieces that Kate no longer wants in her room.
Dear sweet little mitten, I knitted this 22 years ago when I was pregnant with Louis

I knitted this whole outfit, minus the pink jumper and this is what my new little baby wore to come home from the hospital.

So long ago but I can remember some of my feelings and thoughts from when I used to look through these books and wonder about my own babies.
I knitted Andy an all white outfit of leggings, a cardigan and a a little white hat
and for Kate I smocked a tiny wee dress and knitted a little cream cardigan, hat and booties.

Somewhere along the way I also knitted a beautiful lacy receiving blanket too, for Kate I think  because I used my Mum's blanket for the two boys and then it went onto my sister to use for her sons.
Sweet memories

I knitted this little outfit in a mint green for my Mum's first grandchild, my nephew and he will be 25 this year.

Did you knit for your babies or nieces and nephews when they were just tiny?
Maybe now you have grandchildren to knit for?
Baby knitting is such a joyful thing to do don't you think?

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  1. thank you for sharing your baby knitting memories. so sweet. yes, for my son (now 16)i knit a wee striped black & white pullover with a zig-zag pointed collar and the tiniest pearl buttons, and an adorable wee-willy-winky hat. for my daughter (6) i knit a cardigan and used the remaining of those pearl buttons, and also a heart-hat bonnet (from elizabeth zimmerman). all of the items are treasure to me.

  2. Indeed I did. When I use an older pattern now I love to find notes like "John, 3 month size", "Kate, shorten sleeve", "Owen 3 months for 6".

  3. I just love knitting for babies! I knit for anyone I know is having a baby and I also knit little hats for premmie babes in intensive care at hospital as my twins were there when they were first born.

  4. Absolutely! Every baby deserves something lovingly hand knit. My favorite is a pair of baby boots that actually stay on... I have knit many pairs over the years, the first was for my first child :)

  5. What beautiful memories. We had a little outfit all picked out - a knitted layette that was mine from when I was a baby - but Ginger was just too tiny for it. Not that I didn't try to put her in it anyway:)

  6. I am thoroughly enjoying knitting a little rainbow sriped dress for my soon-to-arrive niece. I knitted a layette for my first daughter and then a shawl and hat and bootees set for my son, then crocheted a blanket for my third (and last) little treasure. Because I spin and because my babies are still little enough to appreciate handmade things they all still get lots of knitting and crochet. I love it; part of that whole domestic bliss/clothed in love/nesting thing :)


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