Dolly Day Friday

11 Mar 2011

When I was a girl my mum had a  tiny little knitting book full of  dolly knitting patterns.
I don't know why exactly but this picture of going visiting and Penny was always my favourite...

followed by Holiday outfit.

As far as I can remember mum never actually knitted any of my favourites probably because my two best dolls were only 12" tall, Debbie and Colleen. 
They did have some cardigans though I don't know if mum used a pattern or made them up.

I found this book at the op shop, love that little blue dress and the red coat.

A couple of years ago I found a plastic bag at the op shop full of someone's collection of doll patterns.
Most of them are by the legendary Enid Gilchrist
She had many patterns in New Idea magazines back in the day, when most women's magazines had knitting patterns suitable for experienced knitters.

Here is a whole blog dedicated to Enid Gilchrist patterns

The books are all from the mid 60s and some of the patterns are so familiar to me.

My mum did make this outfit for Barbie, including the beading around the hem

And I just love this sweet little girl , don't you.

I can remember looking at this picture and trying to make something similar for my Skipper. 
I did go one better and have doors on my dolly wardrobe.

And I remember being fascinated and a little scared of this picture.
Did terribly fashionable people really wear hats like this to the beach?

Love this outfit for Skipper

Here is a catalogue of Enid's pattern books.

10 Responses to “Dolly Day Friday”

  1. Jenny I think Mum and Auntie must have had that very first book, I am sure I remember Elizabeth and Anne having those outfits.

    Wouldn't it be nice if there were doll patterns instead of gossip now? So much better for the readers to have a creative outlet.

  2. Wow, you have a fantastic collection there Jenny! My Mum still has two dolly pattern books which she used to make the clothes for my dollies.

    The beach hat ensemble IS scary!! Lol!

  3. Hi Jenny, talk about a trip down memory lane, my Nan & Mum used to sew & knit our beautiful dolls clothes, so much better than the bought item, we only ever had the bought clothes that the doll came in, all the rest were always handmade. My Sister & I used to spend hours making dolls clothes, sewing them by hand or on her Holly Hobbie sewing machine, they weren't much but we had fun creating.
    What about Paper Dolls? Our Aunty used to let us play with hers from when she was young, I can't remember what they were called, but you rubbed the back of the clothes or accessories with a wax like crayon and they stuck on.....we used to make those as well, only with tabs. The toymaker website has lots of paper crafts including paper dolls & outfits free to print out,
    Mowbray Tas

  4. Hi Jenny,
    Great. Dolls and knitting! I like Patons C.23. booklet. I have my mum's copy. The red coat and pixie are my favourites.

  5. Thank you for sharing, how cute!

  6. Love the pattern especially the New Idea with the cowgirl skirt, vest and hat. Too cute!

    I'm participating in Dolly Day...

  7. Oh i LOVED this post. It reminds me so much of my beloved Grandmother Mary. She used to make Barbie clothes for our dolls. I WISH i still had them...Your pattern collection is wonderful! Have a great weekend!

  8. Jenny Wren, I loved all the pattern photos, especially the Skipper one.
    I have a short Dolly Day post up this week:

    Yours, Rosemary (Nonna)

  9. Huh, I remember that scary beach hat. I also remember that wardrobe picture, and my dad made me a wooden version. We're not supposed to hoard stuff, but it would be nice to still have things like doll's clothes, and things my dad made me. Thanks for the memories Jenny.

  10. I love and covet those patterns, will have to keep an eye out for them in op shops.

    I think that hat may have been for bank robber Bank Robber Barbie.


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