Dolly Day Friday

4 Mar 2011

Little Tuppence

Did you have a Barbie doll when you were a girl?
Perhaps a Sindy?

My first 'fashion doll' was Tuppence, an 8" tall New Zealand doll very similar to the US Penny Brite doll, don't know which one came first but I think Tuppence is cuter.


Then I got my sweet Skipper doll a titian haired beauty with such lovely clothes.

Next came Sindy, who was a real disappoint me to me as in real life she was no where near as nice as the artwork on the box.
My sister had Patch, Sindy's sister, who had some really nice clothes.

Twiggy Doll
from MOD-GIRL on Flickr

After Sindy came Twiggy, who I loved even though her hair was strange. 
She had wonderful clothes, she could also wear Francie's clothes. 
Great outfits, groovy boots, mini dresses, gorgeous yellow linen dress suit, I loved her. 
My sister had the lovely PJ

Finally, when I was about 11, I got a Barbie, whose hair could pull out to make a long ponytail and she had all sorts of bit and bobs to go in her hair. 
She was very pretty and very pink, lots of Barbie pink in her accessories and packaging.


With Barbie, Twiggy and all the gang it was really all about the clothes. 
We had so many fashion parades and just loved  dressing them up, making outfits for them and saving to buy new outfits.
I don't know that there was much in the way of bonding, that's not what those dolls are about.
For me it was colour, style, fabric, hairstyles, fashion. 
I don't think my body image was much affected by Barbie but then I had a range of dolly shapes;  Sindy with her classic pear shape, hour glass Barbie, boyish Twiggy, ironing board flat Skipper and slightly young girl curved Tuppence - they all had brilliant outfits appropriate to their suggested age, figure cultural background.

I thoroughly enjoyed them all.
I enjoyed saving up to by some of them, being surprised at birthdays with others.
  And of course, as you would guess I still have them all.
I didn't have time to get new photos of them today but I will try tomorrow.

Teddy 03
by Ira Mish on Flickr

My Sindy never looked like this. Isn't she pretty.

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28 Responses to “Dolly Day Friday”

  1. Mum wouldn't let me have a Skipper or Barbie but I had some lovely dolls called Rosa, Elizabeth and Anne. They were little girls' dolls of the 50s, my great aunt used to sew and knit clothes for them. I remember putting their jumpers on when the weather was cold. Elizabeth had a knitted twin set with a knitted pleated skirt. I wonder how Auntie made that skirt?

  2. I had dolls like that too Rose. I will talk about them one day. I still have them, Mum made lots of clothes for them, knitted and sewn. I think the pleated skirts are not so difficult, i have sevral vintage doll patterns for them and Mum made one for one of Kate's dolls. My dolls were Debbie, Colleen and Marie.

  3. I still have my Barbie and their boxes with several original outfits. They weren't the very first ... but the second edition I think. Like the ones in your book above with the gingham dress.

  4. Hi Jenny, I had Sindy and Tressy, who was an American doll in a blue gingham dress. Her hair could be wound up or down with a key in her back to make it long or short, so much fun! My Mum knitted lots of outfits for Sindy and Tressy and I used to like washing their hair and getting them all dressed up in co-ordinating outfits. Like you, it was about style and fashion and their willowy figures didn't bother me, even though I was a well-built girl! :)

  5. I think I had a barbie first and then a Cindy. And it was the same for me, it was all about the outfits. Love that last photo of Sindy. (Was wondering if it was an Australian thing but my Cindy was spelled with a "C" not n "S"?)

  6. My sister and I had Barbies but we didn't play with them much. Our favorites were some Ginny dolls that we had inherited from older friends and Penny Brite. Those little girl dolls had all the adventures and the "parent" Barbies just stayed home. We also had an extensive collection of other inherited dolls in various states of disrepair that we lovingly tended daily...kind of explains my love of dolls today!


    I blogged about the first boy doll I made.
    Not sure if I'm doing the link right.

    I had Barbie, Skipper and Ken. My sister had Barbie and Ken too. One year for Christmas our mother made us a whole cigar box full of Barbie clothes and there were even jackets for Ken!

  8. Unfortunately I missed out on these little ladies as they were just becoming popular as I headed for secondary school. However I didn't miss out on the dressing of them and remember working endlessly to make a huge variety of tiny fashionable outfits to sell at a big charity sale my school held. By the end of the sale my stall was completely empty, It was a very rewarding experience and has resulted in my making dollies and dolls clothes ever since! Like you Jenny, I adore the pretty Sindy pictured at the end of your post (reminds me of 70s Laura Ashley).

  9. amazing memory! the only dolls that i really, really remember are the dolls that my grandmother made. i was a bit resentful that i got grandma's doll and not the cabbage patch kid i was going on about, but in the end she is the only childhood doll i still have. my grandmother also crocheted strawberry shortcake dolls for my sister and i. oh how i wish i still had that one!

    p.s. i love dolly days!

  10. I found an auburn hair Sindy to go with my dark haired one last summer- head down in a basket of bric à brac at a garden fete. She was wearing her Lunch Date outfit. My first doll came with the skating outfit of which only the skirt remains. I still think Patch is the prettiest and I love her yellow mac and sou'wester.

  11. Barbie dolls were'nt around here when I was growing up, but my best friend who'd emigrated from Englad had several that she had brought with her that I thought were pretty cool at the time (now I find them very ugly!) My younger sister had a "Sindy" and Skipper" doll, both of which I coveted greatly!

  12. Hazel, I never saw a Midge doll but she always intrigued me in the little books. I think her shape was more like Twiggy's. I actually was always more interested in the non Barbie dolls, like Francie and Midge and Twiggy and Sindy, they all seemed more friendly to me.

  13. Tina, they were fin to dress and I liked the tininess of them compared to the other dolls I had.

  14. Ariad, I think the Sindy spelling is the original English name for the doll

  15. Cynthia, I bought an old Ginny doll last year and until I saw sewing patterns for her I didn't know she existed. I had a handful of dear little dolls of no particular pedigree that I loved dearly. My experiences with Barbie and Twiggy, my bigger Fashion dolls, didn't happen until I was 10 and above so they didn't figure much in my imaginative play.

  16. Folky dots, weren't our grans and mums clever. My mum made bazillion Barbie and Skipper outfits for the school fair one year. All those tiny pieces - the woman was a saint!

  17. Eli, isn't she just the prettiest Sindy you have ever seen, very Laura Ashley

  18. Momma Rae, my memory is good probably because I am surrounded by the things of my childhood, my mother kept everything.

  19. Lucille, patches clothes were so beautiful weren't they. I desperately wanted to take her off my sister. I do somehow have Patches lovely red velvet cape amongst my doll things and her brownie shoes.

  20. Sue, my cousin who lived next door is about your age I think, she had one of the original Barbies and a Tutti doll.
    I don't know how much she played with them, she is 5 years older than me, but she had some great outfits for them. When I look at her Barbie now, I agree she was ugly.

  21. Hi Jenny, I have joined Dolly Day. I am new at blogging, I hope that I am doing this correctly. Here is the link to my post
    or just go to nonnasworld.blogspot. com

  22. I remember Sindy and Patch. And I remember that lovely excitement to get a new outfit for them, with shoes and little things I couldn't make myself.

  23. I LOVE Dolly Days Fridays!!!! Thank you....the memories are so much fun!

  24. Never use a hairdryer on your Sindy or anybody else's if my sister reads this sorry

  25. Ha ha ha Cathy, also never dry your own doll's hair too close to the fire, it is very difficult to brush afterwards lol

  26. I had a Tressy and a Francie. I remember the Francie birthday. We drove all day up to a political event and I busied myself in the back of our station wagon, with Francie. I just received a lovely raggedy doll in the mail. I posted about her today.

  27. I still have my Sindy doll in her blue checked shorts and red top all in one outfit. I think I still have a Sindy jigsaw as well.

  28. Oh happy days. I had Sindy, Patch and Sindy's boyfriend Paul. I cannot believe I sold them to a much older cousin for her daughter when I was 12:(


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