Benjamin Franklin's Daily Schedule

16 Mar 2011

Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule

According to the owner of this picture, this is Benjamin Franklin's daily schedule.
I found this yesterday via the Frankie newsletter.

Do you approve?
I think I do.

8 Responses to “Benjamin Franklin's Daily Schedule”

  1. 10 until 5 that's 7 hours, not too bad. Maybe make it 10 until 6 in the winter when the early mornings are still dark.

  2. I'm with the Professor's Wife....More sleep needed, I'd feel like a new young mother again!!

  3. But sounds like a interesting day - lots of variety. I love how general the tasks are - they could encompass so many things.

  4. yes! I love practical old Ben. He wrote some very interesting things about his schedule and self-improvement. I read it with my high schoolers when I taught American lit.

  5. Why does it sound so successful when HE says it? Do you think it's the formal use of the language? Or is it that we know what He accomplished? :)

  6. I don't know much about Benjamin Franklin actually being an Australian so I don't really know all that he accomplished. I like it because the times that he had used closely reflect how my day has become . I also like the 2 hour break in the middle of the day and that there is time for reflection in the evening and for dreaming or planning in the morning. There seems a nice rhythm to the day with plenty of time for all parts of life.


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