Vintage Knitting Book

15 Feb 2011

 I haven't shared on of my vintage knitting books with you for a long time.

 I am not sure of the date of this one but those of you who know these things can tell me.
I was thinking it was the 1940s some time but really I have no idea.

 Love the trousers and platform shoes

I really like that most of the models have such natural looking hair

 Which pattern is your favourite?
I think I like Hotham the best followed by Torquay.

13 Responses to “Vintage Knitting Book”

  1. Torquay lady looks so stylish - there are women today who would kill for those platform shoes. A great blast from the past! Thanks for sharing,


  2. What a lovely collection you have there :) My fave is the Hotham jumper- it's something I would wear today. You're right, the style is very 40's/early 50's... wouldn't have a clue about the exact date though.

  3. This looks late 40's/early 50's to me. I'm sure my mother knitted herself one of those short-sleeved "Parramatta" jumpers - the one without the anchors. She was (still is) an avid knitter. She knitted all the jumpers, cardigans, baby wear, socks, hats, scarves and even bathers for a family of seven. And we lived in a cold place - Tarraleah. She had a whole pile of those Paton's knitting books - wonder if she still has them?

  4. Many of my vintage pattern books belonged to my Auntie who is 82 and my mum who is 79. They have both been knitting since their teens and still knit. My mum knits the underwear for my dolls, for which I am very grateful.

  5. There are two good clues in the photographs that I can find - there may be others. The first photo title is "Olympic" so maybe this was around the time of the Melbourne Olympics (1954??) and the other possible clue is the car in the "Katoomba" photo - I'm not very good with car makes, but somebody who is might be able to identify the car and the year it was made.
    My mum is 85 - she used to knit (and crochet) herself all kinds of very stylish clothes.

  6. Melbourne Olympics were in 1956. I tried to figure out what sort of car too but I am clueless about cars.

  7. I have been into vests lately, so I pick the Gleneagle. A crisply starched cotton shirt, long or short sleeves and a hand knit vest, mmm comfort clothes. Love the trousers and skirts in the pictures.

  8. Ooooh, I like torquay. Those slacks with those awesome could wear that today! Thanks for sharing.

  9. You've no idea how hard we had to work to get that natural looking hair. A head full of pin-curls every night - ugh!
    I think you've got the vintage right, late 40s early 50s is my guess.

  10. So many of those are absolutely in style today - especially those shoes! Neat books!


  11. oh I love the Torkay, I'd kill for those legs :). And that sweater is amazing. I have to say I had shoes almost like that in high school. But I always wanted vintage 40s shoes. Thanks Jenny!

  12. Interestingly that particular style came back into fashion in the early and mid seventies..skinny rib and vests...anything and everything skinny rib was fashionable at that time..and the nautical theme as well. I made myself a vest when I was seventeen that was red, white and navy with anchors in a row across my chest!

  13. I remember the skinny rib styles. I was just starting to develop a bust and was painfully embarrassed wearing anything that drew attention to my 'womanliness'


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