11 Feb 2011


So, as well as settling into a new year of school, Kate has been working here and there on her crochet project.

I have been given the job of stitching the granny squares together and backing them to make pot holders.

I love the colours she has chosen, although my stash of happy colours is a little depleted..

These happy pot holders, my knitted bear, some little dolls and a few other bits and pieces will be part of the Brown Owls stall at the Maker's Market tomorrow at the Tasmanian Design Centre courtyard tomorrow from 11am to 3pm as part of Festivale.
The proceeds of our little stall are going to charity.

See you there.


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  1. Kate has indeed selected some happy colours with wonderful tones that all coordinate beautifully. I love these sorts of images. Tracy :-)

  2. How I'd love to come and see you both at the Market. Best wishes to you for a great day!

  3. I was debating whether to go or not, but now I'm quite sure I'll come along and take a look at what's on offer. Your daughter's granny squares are looking great, I love anything crochet!

  4. have a great day at makers jenny - will be nice to have a "sidekick" along for the ride :)
    I like you colours - very vintage - and just the thing for potholders a very different from the mass produced guff.

  5. Wow!!!
    I would love to see the completed project.
    I have been learning crochet recently and I too am making granny squares and have managed to make about 4 after quite a struggle...(Hehe....)
    Kate's granny squares are looking great....
    I will try to make the pot holder with kate ..

  6. I hope you have fun at the market! I'm sure your table will be beautiful and colorful.

  7. Kate's granny squares look very well-made. I think she's got it! On to something bigger?

  8. Love the blue red and cream squares - beautiful!


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