17 Feb 2011

So this morning I have been doing dolly knitting and hanging out washing,
yes and now it looks like rain.

I have had a very civilised morning tea and after lunch I picked an apron load of greengages and have eaten more of them than I should.
So yummy and finally ripe and it's a battle with the birds to see who can get the most.

I want to share a couple of links with you, one I have shared before I know and one is new.

These are the shops of two of my favourite knitted doll designers.

First, one I have shared before, Eli's lovely Dollytime

one of Eli's creations Lulu

And Eli's lovely blog is  Flutterby Patch

The second shop is Tina's, Quiet Home Designs

Millie is one of Tina's creations

And Tina's lovely blog is The Quiet Home


4 Responses to “Sharing”

  1. Thank you for those lovely links Jenny, I look forward to lots of reading.

  2. Thank you for linking to me Jenny, dolly-making is such a lovely pastime, isn't it? Your morning sounds perfect. xx

  3. I found Tina's blog just last week and I'm really enjoying it.

    Your morning tea looked very yummy too.
    We planted a greengage tree last winter, no fruit yet but I sure hope to be picking apronfuls soon too.

    cheers Kate

  4. Jenny, thanks for sharing those links - more blog love to look at.

    I am glad you like almond fingers too - they are either a love or a hate I think. No inbetween.


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