22 Feb 2011

The rugs and quilts that mostly just decorate the chairs and couches  where the upholstery is a bit sad and tired are being unfolded and slipped over knees and legs in the evenings. 
It is getting a little nippy at the start and end of each day.

 The kitchen floor is noticeably cool underfoot and slippers are coming out of their summer hibernation to keep toes cosy. 
When I let one of the cats in last night she had the smell of woodsmoke on her fur so someone had a fire going. 
I don't think I am ready for fires and wood piles and cold mornings.
Kate, a blog reader asked how I manage not to burn the fruit when I make rock cakes and I have to say I have never had this problem so I think we must be using different recipes.
My recipe is here
Does anyone have a similar problem or some baking advice for Kate?

3 Responses to “Rugs”

  1. No such cold up here in QLD Jenny. ;) But I have spent some time in Tasmania, so I know you guys are on a completely different weather system! Such a beautiful place.

    I'm loving your fairy doll's hair - I just want to cuddle it! xx

  2. Yes the mornings have been FREEZING here in Tassie. Today I turned my heater on for the first time in months. That's a beautiful rug you've got there ;)

  3. I think this is one time our weather crosses just a bit. were cold but getting warmer. So were still iln slippers and cozy stuff. But spring is in the air. Transition time for all of us.
    I think your rugs are beautiful. I have several of the black and colored ones. I love them, I try and "rescue" any hand crocheted things I see. I hate to see all that wonderful hand work. time and love scrunched in the corner of a shop some where. I have a green black and white afghan
    "rug :)" that my aunt gave me. I have folks tell me I should get rid of it becuse of the colors. But I treasure it. She's gone now, and it reminds me of her,all her love and generosity. Most crocheted items are made with love. I think that's why I'm attracted to them.


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