14 Feb 2011

Betsy Clark doll and candle

It's very early Monday morning and I am feeling a little overwhelmed at the thought of all I have to do this week, mainly doll work  but also of course all the dailiness that we all have to do.

Now Kate is back at school and Andy has so miraculously found the best ever full time job, I don't have an extra pairs of hands around the house during the day to hang out a load of washing or run to the shop for some milk.
Having had Andy home for such a long time, since late October really has given me the luxury of being disorganised and I do disorganised very well.

So, just as Kate is getting used to her new school routines and Andy figures out the workings of  an office, I have to rework my home routines and move on from the lazy hazy summer days and be like the industrious Martha B. Rabbit  from one of Katie's childhood books written by Shirley Barber.
That Martha really knew how to keep house and work hard and provide for the future.

Here's to an industrious autumn ( or spring if you are from way up north)

3 Responses to “Routines”

  1. Gosh, it is tricky isn't it. I find the weeks I let the house get in a mess I am ,usually, very productive on the crafting front. And, those where I really get the housework done I am unproductive in terms of crafting. It is so hard to find a balance. But, I think that a little handwork is always important because the cleaning and cooking gets undone as fast as you do it!

  2. I felt the same way a couple of weeks ago when we went back to the shop after two and a half weeks break. I find setting up a thorough morning routine and knowing what's for dinner every night (and having the ingredients) helps a lot and frees me up.

  3. Hard to find that happy medium. I tend to work well with disorganisation... until my husband can't find something and then I have to get organised. I only wish I could get organised and stick with it!


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