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4 Feb 2011

Just how cute is this little guy.

I still have to stitch his wig in place and finish his trousers but he looked so cute when I tried his ranbow jumper in him that I had to share him with you.

11 Responses to “Mikey”

  1. very, very cute! :) I can see why you had to share his photo

  2. very cute, reminds me of a little friend of my daughter's :)

  3. Hi Jenny
    Your dolls are just like little members of a special family they are all similar ,but have their own charater and personalities.Just so sweet!

  4. he is very cute, indeed! the sweater is very becoming with his eyes & hair. ;)

  5. You're right Jenny - he is beautiful in his rainbow jumper!

  6. Way cute, Jenny! He's adorable :-)


  7. He is so adorable. No matter what they you make precious. I have seen lots of dolls. But I love yours the best. Were those my dolls on thier way to the US of A :)
    I have been snowed in for 4 days with out a computer or mail. So much for sleet and snow, glad to be out and about again. And glad to see all the adorable dollies you make.


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