Maddy , for sale.

9 Feb 2011


So Maddy is dressed and ready to go.

If you want the chance to buy her you can go to my Facebook page , click the 'Like' button at the top of the page and then leave a comment or you can leave a comment here and I will add it to my Facebook page.
This time tomorrow I will draw a name and that person has 24 hours to buy Maddy.
If they decide not to buy  the doll she will then be an ordinary listing in my Etsy shop, available to whoever gets her first.


Maddy is 16" tall and she costs $220 AUD plus shipping.

As well as the clothes you see her in she will be wearing a knitted cardigan and  have a nightdress too.
There is more information in the shop.

Maddy has found a home, thank you.


6 Responses to “Maddy , for sale.”

  1. Great way to list her! Im sure it will go very well, she is such a cutie!

    Nic xxx

  2. she is just gorgeous! you do chin length hair better than anyone I know! :)

  3. Hello Jenny, my first comment did not save, so as you can see I am keen... Maybe others are like me and went onto FB but could not leave a comment as there is no space, see I am really trying to tell you how much I love the look of dear little Maddy. I live in Launceston too so I could come over and pick her up and if you miss her I can come to visit with her so you can have a little cuddle with her. Maddy would make the perfect gift for my daughter (she will be 26) but I know that she will treasure her.) I so hope that she is coming to live withus :) Kathy R

  4. What a cutie! Who ever wins her will be ever so lucky. As usual she's a work of art and love.

  5. Cute little gal. Very nice outfit, Jenny. You always seem to outdo yourself. Tracy :-)

  6. Her hair is just beautiful! She is gorgeous!


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