Last day

7 Feb 2011

Well it's the last day of school holidays today and Kate has been baking , nanna's biscuits and a chocolate cake. 
Have I told you before how lovely it is to have someone in the house who likes to bake?

The uniform is ready, the books are covered and labelled, the new hair style has been practiced - she is good to go.
Grade 8, remember that. 
Lots of fun ahead.

I have been working on doll clothes in between other bits and pieces.

Clothes for this little girl Maddy. 
They are not finished yet, she will be dressed tomorrow and then ready for the shop.
At the moment she wearing someone else's clothes.


Here is Maddy with little Lola from the other day. 
Maddie is 16" tall and Lola is 12".
They look so cute together.

Maddy and Lola, 12" doll and 16" doll

8 Responses to “Last day”

  1. My eldest is heading to Kindergarten on Wednesday, its rather exciting and daunting at the same time.

    I hope Kate has a wonderful day back at school, I used to love this time of the year when I was a child, it will be nice to watch my children hopefully enjoy it as well!

  2. My daughter has taken over the baking at our house. She LOVES it and I am quite happy about it as well. So...I truly understand your joy!

  3. My Caitlin has also commenced Grade 8 this year, Jenny. (She's also at a Grammar school, too.) Isn't it lovely when these gals learn to bake? Maddy does suit Amelia's little dress. Tracy :-)

  4. Your dolls and fabrics are delightful!...our daughter used to bake every Sunday afternoon. Like clockwork, then she would then pack up most of her goodies and take them to church as a gift for someone or another. Daughters are so special aren't they!

  5. Still a few more days to go here. My eldest starts college this year and Mahalia starts highschool after a year of homeschooling. My baby will be in grade 5 and is very excited about being the only one from her family at the school.

    cheers Kate

  6. Wishing her a wonderful year 8. My middle son is midway through his Grade 8 - next year, High School!

    We keep hoping for signs of spring here.. but so far, just cold, cold, and colder.


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