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20 Feb 2011

I am making a fairy doll, a woodland sprite.
How much fun is that...lots!

At the moment she has no clothes so an old dolly blanket is keeping her warm, it's cold here this morning.

I will have more pictures when she is dressed.
I would love to watch the fairies film, Fairytale, a true story, right now but it's a little early in the morning for movies.


10 Responses to “Fairies”

  1. i bet this little fairy won't be in your shop for long - with gorgeous hair like that i can only imagine what her outfit will be like !

  2. She's beautiful! I love her hair! Can't wait to see her when she's all finished and dressed.

    Love that film too, amazing that they kept silent for so many years.

  3. Yes Tina but to have told such a whopper and had such important people believe it, I think I would have kept quiet too.

  4. I agree, her hair is gorgeous (lots of brilliant purple shades!)

  5. Oh Jenny, fairies are my very favourite! She is looking so nice, even before she is finished. I am glad you wrapped her in a blanket to make her cozy.

  6. What a great idea! I can't wait to see the wings.

  7. Hi Jenny, early morning greetings from northern England where I've just cheered myself with your lovely fairytale clip. Everyone in the UK knows the story of the Cottingly Fairies but sadly there are fewer believers than ever these days. Your little fairy doll will be adorable for sure (I wonder if she'll have wings?) Eli x

  8. Jenny, she is so beautiful. I love the shades of her hair!

  9. I cant wait to see how she turns out! Her hair is so lovely.
    Thanks for sharing the movie trailer too, the girls and I had a quick look- it looks like a great movie!


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