Early Autumn?

13 Feb 2011


I know Punxsatawney Phil recently predicted an early spring in the northern hemisphere.
I don't know about you but it sure feels like we are going to have an early autumn.
What do you think?

Groundhog Day, by the way, is one of my husband's favourite films.

These apples are on a self seeded apple tree in the front garden.
They look better than they taste.


13 Responses to “Early Autumn?”

  1. I think we are experiencing an early Autumn here in South Africa too:) Those apples look wonderful, I can't wait for our apple trees to fruit.
    Take care

  2. We have apples like that - we buy them from a farmer and normally his apples are really something special - but the latest batch we have bought have been a bit floury and the skin bitter.

    Definitely feeling a bit autumny her in SE-Queensland.

  3. My chooks are starting to moult..they don't usually start till the end of March....SE Qland too. Mornings have been nice and crisp as well....so, maybe.

  4. Yes, our chooks have started to moult too.

  5. We used to live not-that-far from Punxsatawney Phil! Can't believe you know about him! Your apples look yummy, even if they're not..

  6. We had a very mild day yesterday after many below freezing days; it was marvelous! Also wonderful is the package that came in the mail, Jenny, the doll has arrived! She is beyond wonderful and is going to be so welcome in my girls doll family. Thank you so much.

    best ~ Annri

  7. I have a similar feeling Jenny and I have no idea why. My commonsense Geography teacher self has looked at meterological maps and seen no evidence but my intuitive self says we are in for an early autumn.

  8. I hope the summer lasts a bit longer but the mornings are certainly getting chillier in Tassie, so maybe you're on to something (my Dad loves Groundhog Day by the way)

  9. Here too Jenny! I said to Hanno on the weekend that the autumn flowers have already started. I love it! Autumn is my favourite season.

  10. Naaah! I've lived here all my life and it is ALWAYS like this - expect about six weeks of pretty hot weather now that schools are going back this week........Or I'll eat my hat!
    Unusual to see it this green in February, however.

  11. Oh Susie, I have lived here all my life too, except for 10 years in Melbourne. Don't you think it is a bit brisker in the mornings than usual and it is certainly greener. I remember all those superhot start of first term days.

  12. What we can be certain of is about six weeks of fine, warm weather from now on. Brisk mornings are nothing unusual in a Tasmanian summer - we used to regularly get quite hefty frosts here where we live in late January - haven't for a number of years, however. Perhaps we have all forgotten, with the extremely warm summers we've had for the last six or so years (barring this one!)

  13. It's so weird thinking about you guys getting ready for autumn, when we are waiting on spring to roll around! I hope you have a beautiful fall!


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