Dolly Day

25 Feb 2011

It will come as no surprise to most of you who read my blog that I love dolls, all kinds of dolls, but mainly the kind that can be played with or have been played with and might now be retired.

 I'm not fussy,
I like Waldorf style dolls,
rag dolls,
vintage plastic dolls,
new plastic dolls,
knitted and crocheted dolls.

I don't have a large collection, the girl above is one of mine, but with the wonders of the interweb I can look at so many delightful dolls.

I have declared Fridays to be Dolly Days and whether you like it or not I will indulge myself with pictures and links and  stories about dolls.
So talk amongst yourselves if dolls aren't your thing and please join in if you share my passion.

To get things started I will share some of  my current favourite hand made dolls and their makers.

These little cuties are from the wonderful Sanne of  Allerleipuppen

Aren't they just beautiful?
I love the hats, the rosy cheeks, the sweet little round faces.

This one is called Dru and she was made by the team at Tumbleberry Toys led by Jen Davenport

I just love the colours, so autumnal and warm

The last doll today was made by a lady who does visit this blog and was chosen to compete in the Handmade Olympics  with this lovely doll that she made for her daughter.
She won the Silver Medal, yay!

Isn't she just a lovely little doll, those shoes, the outfits, the sweet face and darling hairstyle.

So tell me do you have any favourite dolls at the moment? 

Do you have  a favourite doll from your childhood?

Do you collect dolls?

Do you make dolls?

Do you think I am mad? nice.

17 Responses to “Dolly Day”

  1. I do love dolls!! I have dabbled in making them; I have a sister-in-law who makes beautiful Izannah Walker type dolls. I have a small collection of wooden Polish dolls and wish I had an American Girl doll to sew for. This will be interesting to see the dolls you have for us.

  2. If you're looney tunes, then so are a billion or more other women out there, myself included! I love dolls and toys, too. I collected for years, but decided it was getting to be too much. So, I pared down to my most beloved dollies from childhood, and stick with making and purchasing hand made. Nancy by Famosa from Spain is one from childhood. I make Waldorf, EFA-type, and "designed by me" dolls, as well as, sewn, knit, and wooden toys. I recently purchased, for myself, one of these cute little guys: I just couldn't resist! Sigh....
    Blessings to you and your lovely dollies from an almost 49-year-old fellow doll nut!

  3. I love the Izannah Walker dolls. There are so many lovely patterns for American Girl dolls aren't there. The doll in the forst picture is a Goetz doll and although has a plastic body she fits into the AG clothes.

  4. Love those Pogo stuffed animals, I have often looked at them.
    A very kind person gave me a copy of the Edith Flack Ackley book, one day I will make one.

  5. I DO love dolls. I bought dolls for our girls, for every birthday, every Christmas. They did not love them as much as I did! I still love to look at the dolls in every toy store. I also love rag dolls and for a while I snatched up every rag doll I came upon at antique shops and thrift stores. It's the very reason I like to come over here and admire your pretty people.

  6. I don't think you are mad, but quite extraordinary! I love your idea of Dolly Friday :-) Bybido, the maker of the last doll pictured, is one of my favorite dollmakers.

    And, I love to make crochet dolls :-)


  7. I love dolls, actually I rather love any stuffed animal, doll, monster etc. When I was younger, and still to this day I think that they all come to life when our heads hit the pillows.

    What is getting hard though, is finding places for all of the stuffed creations around my house now that we have mine from childhood and my two wee ones soft loves. I think, that a bigger house is in order!

    I think its quite ok that we are all a little mad about something ;)

  8. i'm not a dolly gal, but gee i'm loving this selection !
    You have certainly turned me to the waldolf style Jenny :)

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  10. You, are not mad.....just utterly delightful!!!!
    I don't "collect" dolls, but I have a couple. One from my 9th bday,(45now) A Holly Hobbie, that was very much loved.
    Dressy Bessy and Daper Dan, that 5 cousins have played and learned with.
    A doll named Charlotte, purchased when I returned to work just after getting married. It took a long time to pay her off. She is a ceramic little girl,playing with a bridel veil, no wonder I fell in love with it.
    A large green walrus that I made in grade 7, sewing class.
    A pink hedgehog, from my youngest daughter for a birthday last year.

    Thank you for encouraging so many, including myself.

  11. Yes,I am very much a doll person! I have loved them all my life....the beautiful dolls that you create is one thing that attracted me to your blog to begin with...I will surly become a fan of your Dolly Day post indeed..I love a variety of different kinds of dolls more so the older,vintage ones from my childhood or before....but,Raggedy Ann is a very close favorite of mine...she really tugs at my heart strings.....looking forward to reading more Dolly Day post in the future...blessings to you dear Jen....

  12. I like dolls, too, but having 5 sons and only one daughter, makes it great to visit and see your dolls. blessings!

  13. I, too, love the idea of Dolly Friday! And thanks for choosing one of my dolls this week :). How sweet!

    I do come here to look at your beautiful dolls quite often. I started out making Waldorf dolls myself (my oldest went to a Waldorf preschool). I miss making them! One of these days I'll have to make one again :)

  14. Wow that last doll in the trunk and her outfit is so beautiful!!!!

  15. Are you kidding? Collecting dolls, making dolls and their accoutrements, paper dolls, books about dolls and the history of dolls is a huge industry here in the U.S. My mother and her friend attend at least 2 doll shows a year, sometimes more, where there are over two hundred vendors of everything doll.

    My mother has a collection quite like yours. I collect Nancy Ann Storybook Dolls for their small size. I have childhood dolls too, as well as two fashion dolls my husband gave me as gifts. Small and tiny dolls are my favorite. Your Poppet dolls have always been something I've wanted.

    You are far from crazy and are in excellent company. Dolly Friday is a great idea!

  16. No you're not mad at all, I think we all have certain things that we like to collect or are fixated by. I didn't have many dolls growing up as they terrified me for some reason(I blame Chucky!). But I love them now- everytime I visit that little doll and bear place in Latrobe I just want to buy out the whole store.

  17. Looking forward to Dolly Friday every week! xx


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