Crochet girl

3 Feb 2011

Last night, out of the blue, Kate decided to teach herself to crochet.

She had a book, kind of a cool book, with instructions and  a few tips from me about holding the thread to get the right tension and she was off, making a long string of chain stitch.

When she had conquered that she moved on to a granny square.

She used her instruction book, the visual aid of a granny square rug on the couch and when she got lost she asked for help and she was away.

She had to unravel it a few times but she loved it.

She wants to make some dolly rugs or pot holders to sell on the Brown Owl's stall at the upcoming Maker's Market at the Tasmanian design Center here in Launceston.

7 Responses to “Crochet girl”

  1. Hooray, Kate!! She will learn a needleart that will make her happy all her life :-)


  2. Could a fifty-something knitterly person do this?

  3. Rose I am sure you could. They say ( whoever they are) that crochet is easier to learn than knitting so you should be fine. I have a lot of trouble following crochet patterns though - it remains a mystery to me.

  4. That's wonderful! She is doing great, and already whipping up granny squares!

  5. Thanks for the encouragement Jenny, I would like to just make a start with crochet.

  6. What a smart young lady you have...I love seeing young ones interested in homemaking skills...she has a great example in her dear mother indeed...blessings to you both....Shelley


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