the time in between

4 Jan 2011

Emma's doll in the sunny light of my desk lamp in the early hours just after dawn
Emma's doll by lamp light

Between Christmas and  Epiphany,
that other wordly time where you drift and think and enjoy,
where you plan and plot and then snooze,
I have been knitting a little cardigan for this sweet doll, a doll for a doll making friend.


Ridiculously I have been reading two books, moving easily and  crazily between the two.
When I tire of Virginia's round of visits, visitors and cups of tea, I head into little Billie's memories of a mid century, middle American childhood.


And I have been slowly collecting pieces of Christmas and lumping them together for a chat on the windowseat before they go back into their boxes and bags for another year.

ps Don't forget the poppet give away, it closes Jan 5th at 1pm AEST

Oh and take a look at the lovely little doll Susie has made to while away these days in between.

Emma's doll

One Response to “the time in between”

  1. Emma's doll is delightful. I do recognise that wonderful hairstyle and am pleased to see it works well on the smaller sized dolly also. You have prompted me to finalise XMAS decoration put-a-way-tasks today (sigh). Have you been enjoying your books? Tracy :-)


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