Raffle Winner

26 Jan 2011


The winner of the raffle for little Hollie was comment number 116, Rose Marshall and family.

Rose is no relation to me I must add.

Rose and her husband and mother have chosen to donate the doll to a little girl effected by the floods in Queensland so I will keep Hollie until they have found  this lucky little girl. 
So very generous.

I counted and counted again and then one more time and Rose came up winner with her very first of 40 donations.
Congratulations Rose and thank you everyone who took part.

I will try to make a Hollie look alike to go in the shop so if she stole your heart there will be a twin sister in the shop in the next week or so.

The final total raised was  $1125.

Thank you again, you were wonderful.

5 Responses to “Raffle Winner”

  1. Well done Jenny. I think the raffle was a very good idea and raised far more then if you had auctioned her. It also gave everyone a winning chance.

  2. So special to think of her in the arms of a little girl who has been affected by the floods. :)

  3. Dear Jenny,

    We are all very very excited, thank you! I called Mum and Tony in to see the lovely news. We will be contacting the mayor in Grantham and getting an address. Thank you to everyone who participated.

    Love from Rose, Tony and Mavis

  4. Congratulations Rose, and good for you, passing her on to a little girl, you'll make someone very happy.

  5. Congratulations Rose, it's well deserved. Well done Jenny.


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