6 Jan 2011

On a perfect summer's day the Christmas  trees are being packed up and out away for another year.

The little silver tree is already done plus all the sundry decorations around the house have been taken from shelves and cupboard tops. 
The bare spaces have been dusted and made pretty with a new display, sweet old china and embroidered cloths.
In some cases the space has been left bare.

After morning tea we will take down the big tree, the room will become just a room again and the space will feel free and new, an epiphany of sorts, a realisation that order can be freeing.

The glorious decorations of Christmas start to feel a little cluttered around about now don't you think,
and  putting away  the Christmas finery lets the new year and all its promise truly begin.

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  1. I so agree, the freeing up of space,can now give room for new and exciting things to come in. cheers Marie

  2. Congratulations on leaving your decorations up for so long. I had ours packed away before new year, I just felt cluttered and overwhelmed by it all this year.

    cheers Kate

  3. I felt the same way as I was packing my Christmas things away....of course,we are in our winter here :)

  4. I have mine packed away just recently. So the new year is finaly in full swing. Each season and holiday has it's time and space. If mine trails over then it feels unbalanced, and a little like something is out of order. I love packing them all away. To be rediscovered the next year :)

  5. dear jenny, i just wanted to say i really love your blog, your dolls are so beautiful!!thank so much for sharing.i came across it via eyes of wonder (which i sadly miss) i enjoy making dolls too.but havent tried the waldorf style yet which i would like to do. i wonder if you could help me... where would i find the material for the body? i am in uk so i know you wont know a peticular place but if you could point me in the right direction i would really appreiciate it. (or if any one else knows that would be great)thanks karen

  6. I agree, I like the feeling when the Christmas things are put away and a fresh start begins the new year. Wishing you blessings in 2011.


  7. I had not named it before but you've hit the feeling on the head. I can't wait to get the decs up but then....after a time...it's cluttery. I wonder if it's because its part of a fantasy feeling wonderful magic time but eventually we realise that real life must go on?

  8. I know exactly what you mean about an epiphany of sorts. I love the decorating at the start of the holidays and a;lways feel a bit sad while I'm taking it down, but then once it's done there's a feeling of space and freedom that's very comforting. ...and I love seeing my little pixie peeking out from your blog here and there over the year.:)

  9. hi jenny, i do agree that packing away christmas feels so freeing for the year to come and the possibilities it brings, I love your blog, visit it often, warm and welcoming.
    anne x


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