The Nile

22 Jan 2011

 Today we visited The Nile

 at Deddington

 through a farmer's field

in search of the platypus discovered years ago when a little Andy and a little Kate went on an adventure with their dad

 Mrs Platypus was hiding today.

6 Responses to “The Nile”

  1. gorgeous spot Jenny - isn't it a lovely area. My sister has a block just up from there :)
    Love that the "volleys" are still the riverwalking shoe of choice !

  2. Looks like that is a gorgeous spot! Great photos.

  3. Wonderful images, Jenny. I would enjoy a walk in the countryside...sans snow :-)


  4. lovely photos Jenny, but I have to ask..did you run to get in front of the rest of the family so you could take a picture or did you make them wait while you went on ahead??

    cheers Kate

  5. Ha ha Kate, I had gone back to the car first, I got tired of watching Andy and Stephen trying to hit a large rock down the river, they had been trying for about 20 minutes....
    So I was sitting in the car with all the doors open letting it cool down a little.

  6. Looks like a lovely time. I've never seen a platypus.



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