Nella Last

15 Jan 2011

So enjoying Nella Last's Peace, even more then the first book.
Love all the domestic detail and all her wise words and views on life and community and world peace.
Finished the Bill Bryson Thunderbolt Kid earlier in the week, really enjoyed it , lots of fun and not quite so prone to waffling as some of his other books.

And still visiting with Virginia Woolf and her selected diaries.

You know I went to school with someone named  Virginia Woolf, obviously not the same one.

Now don't forget to buy a ticket in the raffle, yes I am nagging but that is what you have to do to sell raffle tickets.
Last time I had a give away over 120 people entered, imagine how much money we could raise if 120 people bought tickets this time: $600. WOW! that would be terrific.
Don't worry if you don't have a blog you can leave a comment as anonymous but put your name in your comment or tick the box for URL/name and you can comment by just putting in your name. 
Easy peasy.
If my brother can be bothered to then so can you.

$5 a ticket, buy as many tickets as you want, the details are here

3 Responses to “Nella Last”

  1. oh, oh, oh, Nella's Last Peace has been on my reading list! I think I'll pick it up this week : ) Thanks!

  2. that looks like a great book! Wish I could enter the raffle - best of luck!

  3. Nella's books are my favorites, I just keep re-reading them. I just finished the latest one, about her life in the early 50's and if you like the War one and the Peace one, you will like it too

    she was doll maker, just like you :)


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